The Ultimate G.O.A.T. Debate

The Ultimate G.O.A.T. Debate:
Marlo, TP and Troy discuss the requirements for the NBA GOAT. Is Jordan your GOAT or is Lebron your GOAT? Is Winning important or Is Winning it All important?

Grambling State U. Volleyball Culture Shift

0 Grambling State Volleyball is at it again with a social media nightmare from new transfer Maggie Plush.


Troy explains to the podcast who the Soccer GOAT really is. The World Cup allowed us to really examine the careers of the greatest players of all-time.

Your Team Sucks Too

TP, Troy and Marlo talk about The Bucs, Texans and Raiders lack of Success.

Hines Ward “Not a Hall of Famer” Slander

Does Hines Ward Deserve to be in the Hall of Fame?
Marlo and TP try to figure out why Troy doesn't want Hines Ward in the NFL Hall of Fame in this Gathering of Old Men Podcast Clip

The Return

Gathering of Old Men Podcast Season 8 EP. 32. Raiders fire its Head Coach and return to its winning ways. Jeezy's interview with Nia Long, The Texans CJ Stroud maybe an MVP candidate and Marlo discuss the Bucs loss to the Texans and much...

TP’s Reaction to Jeezy and Nia Long Interview

TP discuss his feelings about the Jeezy and Nia Long interview on marriage and relationships.

HBCU’s Righteous Outrage. CU HBCU? No. Who is to Blame?

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Ime Udoka suspension | Gathering of Old Men Podcast


Global distribution for the SWAC and CIAA will be achieved with Byron Allen’s HBCU GO

0 With HBCU's under increasing pressure to generate revenue for its athletic departments and for their overall endowment funds. @YardTalkHBCU joins Troy and TP to discuss the threats to HBCU growth and potential expansion to FBS football.