Throw Back – Lemon Pepper Lou, Definition of Fandom, and much more.

With Special Guest Dr. A and Theo B. the Gathering of Old Men Podcast discuss what defines a fan, Lemon Pepper Lou's patent request, The NHL playoffs, NFL and much more.

The Fandom Hypocrisy is on Full Display

Troy points out why he is no longer a Bucs fan, and is a Raider.

The NFL Schedule Release, ESPN, FOX and Discovery Partnership has a name Venu

Troy and Marlo argue over the Bucs and Raiders schedule. Doc Holiday defends the Cowboys(somebody has to). NFL Schedule Release, and much more.

What’s Wrong with Luka? Can Catlin Clark be the face of the WNBA

TP, Troy and DK discuss the Knicks playoff position, Luka's lackluster playoffs, How do you feel about the Olympic Team and more.

Throwback – Becky With the Good Hair

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Flash Back on Mother's Day. Tasha Beecham joined the podcast to talk about the HR impact of employee affairs and this happened.

Greg Gerami’s Donation to FAMU Maybe the Greatest Hoax in HBCU History

Greg Gerami
The Gathering of Old Men Podcast Invited Greg Gerami to the show to clear up any miscommunications, misunderstanding to better understand the confusion. As Mr. Gerami declined to be interviewed late Thursday we began to see the mountain of evidence swirling against Mr. Gerami....

Has the Prime Effect become an Infection?

Coach Prime has gone from being the savior of HBCU football to maligning transfers to protect his image as a coach. What has gone wrong? Would this have happened at Jackson State? This and more on the Gathering of Old Men Podcast.

Dak Is Not a Top 10 QB

Dak Prescott is not top ten QB. Tennessee beats Alabama in a shootout. Jeffery Brinson is inducted into the Northeast High Schools Hall of Fame(St. Petersburg, Fl). NCAA Playoff Expansion talk. Program note: Grambling State vs. Southern University did not move their game...

Stefon Diggs Trade Discussion and GOAT Talk

SZN 10 EP1
gatheringofoldmenpodcast #texans #nfl Marlo, TP, and Troy Ft. Samuel Akem discuss the implications of the Diggs trade and how it impacts the rest of the league and the Texans/Bills. Is Sam right about Diggs? Tell us what you think.